Decorate your home for Halloween!

With spooky season around the corner, why not look at ways to get in the mood with some Halloween home décor! A fun way to get creative and enjoy with the family! See our décor tips below to get you started!

Manning Stainton

1. Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins skeletons and spiders

This all-rounder is a Halloween must! With so much to be enjoyed whether you carve it, eat it, light it, or pick it, the pumpkin also serves as a great staple for home décor and is now almost viewed as an on-trend piece this time of year with the variety of colors and sizes on offer! If you want to get creative, you could also paint your pumpkins to match your existing décor!

2. Candles

Haloween Candle

Another great way to incorporate some Halloween décor into the house is swapping out your candle holders for some spooky themed ones! With plenty to choose from, decide which would go with the rest of your décor and add this subtle detail for the October month!

3. Lanterns

Haloween Lantern

Not just great for Halloween but Autumn in general! Stand them at your front door or have a couple on your windowsill! This popular home décor piece is ideal for getting into the Halloween spirit and can give that cosy but spooky feel! Available in many colours, shapes and sizes, lanterns are an Autumn must have!

4. Fairy Lights

Halloween pumpkin with electric illumination

When we think Halloween we think dark nights, fancy dress, pumpkins, Halloween parties… well there is no better way to get into the party mood than with some on theme lighting and the easiest and probably most cost-effective way to do this is fairy lights! With many styles to choose from, warm toned fairy lights can give the Halloween vibe and are a nice touch for your home as you put on your favourite scary movie!

5. Cobwebs

Happy halloween holiday halloween decorations

Cobwebs are an easy and affordable way to celebrate the occasion! Draped on your front door or wrapped around your stair banister, this will give a great Halloween feel and is a fun accessory to a Halloween party!

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