Tips to DIY & Decorate In Leeds Without Spending a Fortune!

Whether moving into a new property or preparing to move out of your existing one, we're often faced with a list of small jobs to do. The problem many of us face is not having the relevant equipment to hand, and the thought of shelling out for a few things that seem minor compared to some of the bigger house-moving projects seems wasteful. Thankfully, we've put together some ways you can make use of the recycling and second-hand resources Leeds has to offer, to get those tedious tasks done, without breaking the bank!

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1) Tool Hire

If you've just moved in, you want to make sure things are built to last so it's important to approach your DIY duties with diligence. However, a workman is only as good as his tools, and if you don't have the right equipment, you're already on the backfoot. Instead of spending loads on equipment, look to hire your tools instead! This way, you avoid the big fees upfront and only pay for as long as you use them! is a fantastic local option in Leeds for Tool hire!

2) Wood Recycling

Whether it's furniture, flooring, structural or DIY, wood has a variety of uses around the home and compared to metals and some plastics, it's relatively cost-effective. Even more so if you know where to look! Leeds' Wood Recycling collects your old unwanted timber and repurposes it, to make it useful to someone else! It's a great service to dispose of your leftover wood properly and likewise, their wood offerings are cheap and a great place for buyers to source wood cheaply! View their latest offerings at https://www.leedswoodrecycling....

Second Hand Stores

Organisations like Zero Waste Leeds let you donate or buy a range of different items, from furniture to clothes, and books to CD's! They're conveniently located in various locations across Leeds, including Emmaus, Leeds and Moortown furniture store, Martin House, Revive and more! To see all of their current locations, head to their website at

4) Leeds Freecycle

The world is changing and much like our high-street shopping habits have shifted towards a more online-based experience, so have our second-hand shopping habits. Sites like Freecycle build localised communities that can offer and request stuff for free! Be it furniture, household goods, DIY Items, electronics or children's toys, whatever you're in the market for, chances are, someone will be listing it for free on FreeCycle! You'll need to sign-up and check into the feed regularly to ensure you don't miss out on anything you're looking for. Check out Leed's Freecycle page at

5) Decorating

Choosing colour schemes and paint shades can be a lengthy process, and sometimes a costly one as the prices for paint, especially bespoke colour matched paints can be high. Most people also buy more than they need ‘just in case’ and then end up with lots of part used pots! Seagulls, based in Kirkstall can solve both of these problems! They accept donations of part used paint tins, saving them from landfill and reprocess them, creating bespoke colours! They also have a supply of new paint and decorating materials so they’ve got you covered for any project!

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