Gardening Jobs In January

As winter continues, there’s a range of garden tasks to be completed, especially with the longer days. With intermittent sunny days, there’s an opportunity to get outdoors and get some key jobs done in the garden.

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Manning Stainton

Planting and Pruning

As we navigate through Winter, it's an ideal time to plan for Spring. Prepare to sow new seeds and restock your inventory. Take a closer look at overwintering plants, checking for pests and diseases. During this dormant period, prune apple and pear trees for their health. Additionally, clean, empty pots and seed trays to prevent disease spread. Take care of your gardening tools by cleaning, sharpening, and protecting them for longevity.

Early Sowing and Plant Care

For those eager to start sowing, now is the time. Consider planting sweet peas, kale, onions, and broad beans. Place them in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill to shield them from winter weather. As you begin on this early planting, trim back any climbers that have outgrown their space.

Chitting Potatoes

For those planning to grow potatoes, consider chitting first early varieties. While not mandatory, chitting involves encouraging potatoes to sprout before planting, potentially leading to an earlier and larger harvest. Place potatoes in a suitable container, such as fruit dividers or egg boxes, with the most "eyes" facing upwards. Leave them in a light but cool area for a few weeks until they are ready to be planted.

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