Moving Home With Your Dog Made Simple

Moving home isn't always an easy process and things are complicated further when you're making the change alongside your dog.

Here's how to make things as smooth as possible for both you and your pet.

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Before you move:

  • To prevent your furry friend from getting anxious or stressed, consider using anxiety sprays or other similar calming products when packing or doing anything else that breaks your routine.
  • Update your dogs tag and microchip with your new address.
  • Pack up all your dogs belongings so they're ready to go all in one place.
  • Be prepared with food and a water bowl to hand so you can easily access them when you arrive in your new home.

Moving day:

  • Ask someone you trust, like a friend or neighbour, to look after your dog until you finish moving your things.
  • If this isn't an option, create a safe room for your dog, complete with everything they need, and away from all the chaos - giving your dog their own space can help limit the risk of them becoming distressed.
  • Ideally, you can set up your dog’s belongings first, including filling their water bowl where they can easily find it.
  • If possible try to keep your dog and all of their familiar belongings in one room whilst items are being delivered and unpacked.
  • Keep your dog’s collar on at all times - not everyone is good at closing the doors behind them, especially on moving day!
  • Seek advice from the vet if your dog is known not to travel well and you have a long distance move ahead of you.
  • Check the garden is secure and free of any potential hazards such as poisonous plants, or broken glass or insecure fences before letting them off lead.
  • If possible, allow your dog time in the garden as soon as you arrive at your new home, so it can mark its scent.
  • Maintain regular routines for walking and feeding.
  • Use your normal cleaning products, air freshers, and wipe cupboards at dog height - familiar scents will help your pet settle quicker.
  • Throughout, be sure to keep checking on your dog and continue to reassure them that everything is okay.
  • Although things can become stressful, do your best to stay calm - if things do become problematic, make sure to vent your frustrations where your dog can't see you!
  • When the move is complete and the house is secure, allow the dog to roam and familiarise themselves with their new home. If this isn't possible, take them around on the lead and be generous with the time you give them to explore.

After you move:

  • There may be some toilet accidents as your pet adjusts to their new surroundings. Don't worry too much, this should subside when your dog acclimatises to your new home. On the off chance these accidents don't stop, you may have to temporarily reintroduce some toilet training.
  • It may take some time for your dog to forget about your old home, so make sure to provide the new occupants of your old home with your contact details in case your pet attempts to return.
  • Make sure to play with your dog as often as possible and create lots of interesting experiences and positive energy in their new home.

Be sure to check out Woof The Dog for more tips and everything you'll need to keep your dog happy in its new home!

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