Moving Home Checklist

No matter how early you start packing, moving day and stress seem to come hand in hand. To try to reduce this stress we’ve put together some top survival tips to get you moved out and in seamlessly!

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1. Label Your Boxes

However tempting it may be throw everything into random boxes and deal with the consequences in your new home. Believe us when we say, you WILL regret it! Instead, take your time, buy some sticky notes and label to your heart's content. The level of labelling depends on personal preference, whether you choose to label a box for each kitchen cupboard or you go a little more relaxed, we recommend you at least label dependent on each room! Whether you’ve hired a removal company or going it alone, being able to put boxes in the correct rooms without opening them all up will make life SO much easier!

2. Redirect Your Post

Be sure to get ahead of the game when it comes to mail! Before you move complete Royal Mails redirection service to ensure you don’t miss anything important or urgent that may be sent to your old address. You can fill in the form up to 6 months before and 6 months after your actual moving date, but you need to give at least 5 working days’ notice to arrange your redirection. We also recommend telling as many small businesses or subscriptions you may have prior to your move and most importantly tell you friends - you never know what new home gifts you might receive!

3. Compare Removal Costs

We don’t recommend you try carrying a double bed down the stairs single-handedly, but we also don’t recommend jumping at the first removal quote you’re given. Shop around, and search for your best option. Once your packing is underway, you might find it’s only the larger items that you need help moving and could be done in half a day. Furthermore, consider if it could be more cost-effective to hire a van for the day and do it yourself if you have a good set of helpers!

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4. Keep The Essentials Out

You’ll thanks us for it later- moving day is thirsty work, so make sure you don’t pack away the essentials such as a kettle, cups, milk and of course tea bags! A Few snacks wouldn’t go a miss either and maybe even the local takeaway menu… And we’re sure you wouldn’t forget, but keep your phone charger to hand, so you can always call for back up!

5. Keep Tools to Hand

Those spare, screws, nails and bolts that have been kicking around your house for years because you don’t dare through them away? Now is your chance to put your cautious hoarding to good use, Spares of things like screws, nails, and light bulbs are most likely to come in handy on moving day so make sure they are within reaching distance.Moving Day doesn’t have to be stressful, follow our checklist and make sure you keep it simple, call in some good friends or hire the help you need and don’t forget the all-important essentials.

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