Getting Your Garden Sale Ready

Getting your garden ready before moving house can seem like a daunting task, however with some simple changes and low-maintenance additions, it can be an easy and simple process. In this blog we have put together our top tips on how to make sure your garden is sale ready, whilst also maintaining value.

Yorkshire Gardener, Francesca Chadwick aka @diaryofayorkshiregardener is here to share her simple and expert tips on preparing your garden before selling!

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Manning Stainton

Planting Shrubs

To complement the colours of autumn and winter, think about planting Cyclamen and Pansies, as well as evergreen shrubs like Ischemia. Start the process by removing dead plants and weeds, and then apply a thick layer of mulch. This straightforward yet effective action can quickly improve the appearance of your pots, beds, and hanging baskets.

Add Essential Nutrients

In gardening, putting in a small amount of effort can bring significant benefits. Mulching goes beyond making the garden look good; it gives essential nutrients, lessens the need for frequent watering, and protects sensitive roots from the harsh cold.

Enhance Your Lawn

Even though a garden covered in fallen leaves might look untidy on dry days, these golden layers have several advantages. You can spread them on the grass for added nutrients or rake them into your borders, being cautious of any wildlife seeking shelter underneath.

Trimming Flowers

Trim away spent flower stems to maintain a neat appearance, and strategically add lights to enhance the appeal on overcast days and early evenings.

Tidy Up Your Outdoor Areas

Focus on safety by addressing slippery paving to prevent accidents. During rainy days, set aside time to tidy up greenhouses, sheds, and garages, ensuring your gardening space is ready for the upcoming seasons.

In the cycle of seasonal changes, these practical actions will not only care for your garden but also establish a welcoming retreat to enjoy during the transition into autumn and ensure your garden is photoshoot ready!