Bentley Collaboration

Luxury real estate just got a touch of automotive flair as we recently launched our partnership with Bentley Leeds. This collaboration aims to offer a distinctive service, elevating marketing of select homes through bespoke driveway dressing.

Manning Stainton

Collaboration Launch

Nestled in Hazlewood's tranquil rural setting, Low Park Farm—a five-bedroom detached house, sits on approximately five acres of land. Its interior boasts luxurious style, offering a peaceful retreat and scenic views. This property was the perfect venue to showcase Bentley's driveway dressing service, elevating its appeal with a touch of automotive elegance.

From bespoke lighting arrangements that illuminate the path with a subtle elegance to landscaping features that complement the natural beauty of the surroundings, every detail reflects the discerning taste and impeccable standards synonymous with both Bentley and Fine & Country.

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Why Bentley?

The alliance between Fine & Country and Bentley brings together two iconic brands renowned for commitment to luxury and excellence. With Bentley's expertise in luxury automobiles and Fine & Country's reputation for premium property services, homeowners can expect an unparalleled experience in enhancing their property's exterior aesthetics.

This partnership signifies a fusion of luxury living and automotive elegance, reflecting the refreshing approach and attention to detail that Fine & Country brings to selling exclusive homes.

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Stay tuned for more updates as Fine & Country and Bentley redefine luxury living, one driveway at a time.

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