The History of The Oakwood Clock

When you think of Oakwood, the Oakwood Clock immediately comes to mind. Having being a significant part of Oakwoods Landscape for over a century, it’s hard to imagine the popular Leeds suburb without it.

Manning Stainton

William Potts & Sons were instructed to design a clock for the New City Markets where the clock was first placed in 1904, as a celebration of its opening. However the first home for the clock was short lived, when the market grew in popularity, one entrance was not enough. The need for an extra entrance to the market on Vicar Lane forced the clock tower to move.
Not all was lost! When the clock was removed it was around the same time that Oakwood had become an affluent area. During the early 1900’s many wealthy residents were moving to the area building impressive houses, and Oakwood began to flourish.

The addition of the tramway in 1891 also assisted in bringing visitors to Roundhay Park and consequently put Oakwood firmly on the map. So much so, that in 1912 Oakwood was gifted the famous clock from the city market. The clock became a key part of the Oakwood community and landscape.

For many years after the clock was erected in Oakwood, little to no alterations were made to the clock. However after years of visitors, the clock began to show its age. In 2013 a campaign was started by Oakwood Traders & Residents Association in an effort to raise funds to restore the clock.
After a year of successful fund raising, the Oakwood Clock received its well- deserved makeover including a brand new clock tower and beautiful landscape surroundings, helping to maintain its status as the focal point of Oakwood.

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