Memories of Moortown

There is plenty of history behind Moortown, take a look around some of North Leeds most historic buildings and how they were captured in History.

Manning Stainton

The Brunswick Street Synagogue

This picture was taken on the 9th of June 1906. The men in the photograph are prepping for the building of a new Synagogue for the Jewish community. It was consecrated in March 1908 and in June 1936 the foundation stone was laid for a new synagogue at the chapel town. After many years of worship the Brunswick street synagogue was closed and sold to the salvation army, it still stands today and is still a Salvation Army building.

St John The Bapist Church in Adel

Adel St Johns is a Norman church that was built in 1150, alterations have been made over the 14th and 16th centuries such as the adding of the west gable and bellcote. The roof has since been restored and repairs have been made over the years but the church is so structurally sound that it has barely changed since it was originally built with most of the exterior carvings and details still very clearly seen above the doorway and on the entrance to the church. Interior original carvings include a centaur with a bow, a horseman with a lance and a dragon-like creature. The door knocker had to be replaced after 2002 as the original was stolen.

Moortown Parade

This photograph was taken on 15th August 1935, it shows the row of shops on Moortown Parade. From right to left it shows Wilfred Sparling a gentleman's outfitters, a Barclays Bank Branch, Arthur Ward Butchers and Harry Dalby hairdressers. The houses have remained their chape and distinctive windows, it's astonishing to see Barclays still occupying the same shop as all the other businesses were family owned unfortunately they did not stand the test of time.