5 Fun Ways to Keep Active in Leeds This April

It's Active April and summer isn't far away, which means now more than ever, it's time to get up and get moving! To help you out, here's 5 fun ways to keep active, in Leeds, this April!

Manning Stainton


Ask anyone who's played golf and they'll tell you it's the most frustrating game there is, so why's it so popular? It's because striking a golf ball sweetly and watching it fly into the distance creates an intense satisfaction few things in life can replicate. These shots become more frequent as you improve but in the meantime, golf's a great way to burn calories, keep active, and socialize.

Leeds has a plethora of great courses for the already initiated, Howley Hall and Cookridge to name just a few. If your game's a tad rusty, find a local driving range. You can practice, hire clubs, and talk to staff about booking lessons to master the fundamentals. Leeds Golf Centre is a great option because it has TopTracer technology, meaning you get on-screen feedback after every shot!


Swimming not only makes you much safer in water, but also provides a workout for your full body, helps to keep you in shape, and improves your cardiovascular endurance. It can also benefit your lung capacity, especially when holding your breath underwater and, if you weight train, run, or partake in any other form of exercise, you'll likely find swimming helps to speed up muscle recovery too!

Plus, it requires no equipment, just yourself and some appropriate swimming gear (no mankinis please!). Find out where you can swim in Leeds at https://active.leeds.gov.uk/ou...;


Finding an interesting location to walk is a good place to start when trying to make something we do daily more fun. Leeds has a great selection of rural walks, ranging in length and difficulty. Meanwood Valley, Kirkstall Nature Reserve, and Hawksworth Woods are some great options.

Perhaps equally as important, if not more so, is the company we walk in. Make it social by walking with people you enjoy spending time with, or go solo and use the fresh air to clear your head and give yourself some downtime. Alternatively, walk to music or a podcast - it can make a real difference!


Beyond just throwing punches, boxing is great for improving hand-eye coordination, discipline, and overall fitness levels.

Boxercise gives you all the great training principles of boxing without requiring you to get hit in the face. And who knows, it might make you want to take up boxing, in which case you'll already be acclimatized to the style of training. Get in touch with your local gym as most in Leeds run regular boxercise classes throughout the week.


Tennis is a fantastic activity all year round, especially when the weather starts to warm so you can play outdoors! Compared to other sports, tennis has a steep learning curve, so even if you're not blessed with Novak Djokovic' athleticism, you should be able to have a forehand shot good enough to have fun quite quickly!

Find a good playing partner and you can tailor your practice. For beginners, rallying is great for improving technique at a reduced intensity, and an under-arm serve gets you started while negating the challenge of learning over-hand serving. Find where you can play tennis in Leeds at https://active.leeds.gov.uk/cl...;