Headingley’s Best Running Routes!

It's Active April, so we're making it as easy as possible for you to get the running trainers on - no excuses! Here's our list of the best running routes in Headingley!

Manning Stainton

Beckett Park

Beckett Park is open grassland, making it the perfect location if you like to run to the sound of birds chirping. Not only does it possess a natural charm, but it's also full of different trails and nuances, making it easy for you to switch up your route, difficulty, and distance whenever you like.

It's also easy to get to, located alongside Leeds Beckett's University Campus in Northern Headingley.

Headingley Meanwood Circuit

Starting on Wood Lane, this route takes you to Meanwood Road, through Hyde Park, and back to Wood Lane in Headingley. This particular loop is 3 miles, but if you’re new to running, don’t panic. You can always loop back using Delph Lane for a slightly easier run, or North Grange Road if you're looking for something significantly shorter.

It's a road run from start to finish, so there's no need to splash out on specialist off-road running shoes, which is a nice bonus!

The Otley Run

You've probably heard of The Otley Run, but not like this. We've taken a notorious pub crawl and made it healthy! Think more fresh air and less lager. Not everything's changed though - the route remains the same. The 2.3 mile run begins at Woodies in Headingley and finishes at The Dry Dock in the City Centre. You'll pass all the familiar sites along the way, including the 15 other establishments that form the well-trodden bar-hop.

Remember, this route isn't a loop, so either double the distance and run back, or make sure someone's waiting at the end to get you home!

Kirkstall Valley & Nature Reserve

Is this route more Kirkstall than Headingley? Perhaps but we think it’s worth including.

Much like Beckett Park, lovers of nature and the outdoors will find a lot to like along this route. Kirkstall’s Nature Reserve is home to over 160 plant species and as many as 65 different bird species, so you won't be short of things to look at on your way around.

This route's other benefit, at just a mile long, you can loop it as many times as you like, or go off trail to explore a little more of the nature reserve. Just keep in mind the time of year, as it does get muddy and quite insect-heavy over the summer months!

The Sports Fan

We've opted for the name The Sports Fan instead of the sportsman (or women) because, at just a shade under 1.7 miles, this short route, that circles Headingley Stadium, is best suited to new runners.

It's a straightforward run, with a slight uphill stretch in the beginning, but nothing too taxing, and you get a little downhill section helping you over the finish, which beginners will be grateful for.

Besides, we can't think of a better location to break in a new pair of running shoes than the hub of local sporting excellence, even if it is just from the outside!