10 Reasons To Live In Headingley

With students flocking back to Headingley by the household we thought we'd take a look at just some of the many reasons to choose the student haven Headingley as you residing destination! Although things maybe a little different this year there are still plenty of places for some socially distanced socialising along with many reasons to live and love Headingley!

Manning Stainton

The Atmosphere

It’s safe to say the atmosphere in Headingley is something that can’t be missed. Headingley is home to young professionals, students and families. The eclectic mix of residents creates for a vibrant, fun loving and friendly environment that Headingley and its locals thrive on.

Endless Options For A Drink

With such a large amount of students involved it comes as no surprise there is an equally large amount of pubs and bars. From the likes of the traditional Three Horseshoes to the more modern Manahatta bar, whatever you’re vibe, you won’t be short of options to quench your thirst. If you need more inspiration of places to drink, take a look at our best bars in Headingley article.

Headingleys History

Despite its modern feel with a bevy of brunch spots and chic cocktails bars, Headingley has a lot of history behind it. Headingley began to take shape in the 1830’s when wealthy mill owners resided in the area to escape the city smog. Many of the buildings that were built as a result still stand today. Delving a little further into the history of Headingley, believe it or not there is an old bear pit that still exists on Cardigan Road, don’t believe us? Go take a look. (Don’t worry you won’t find any bears there nowadays)

Plenty of Properties

Stemming from Headingleys history, there is a lot to offer in the area in terms of property. With such a large student population, there are plenty of rental properties and opportunities for investment. Properties range from large Victorian houses to modern new build apartments. So whether you’re looking to buy, rent or invest Headingley will have a property to suit you. Take a look at what is currently on the market in Headingley.

Restaurants and Cafes

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or late night cravings, Headingley can answer all your hunger pangs. From quirky cafes serving coffees and cakes to some of the best Thai restaurants in Leeds, whatever time of days, or cuisine you fancy you won’t be disappointed. With the majority of eateries situated on or around Otley Road you never have to travel too far to satisfy your taste buds.

Retail Therapy

We know Leeds is one of the shopping capitals of the country, but that doesn’t right off the likes of Headingley. With just about every charity shop under the sun located In Headingley you might just find yourself a bargain. There are also a number of independent boutiques alongside high street stores and supermarkets to do your weekly shop.

Commute and Transport

Just 2.5 miles outside of Leeds city centre Headingley is an ideal spot for commuters, taking you around 12 minutes to get into the city, or in more relatable terms £5-7 in an Uber… There is a constant stream of buses running through Headingley all day long or alternatively Headingley train station will get you to Leeds city centre in a matter of minutes.

Education Opportunities

Whether you have a little one going to nursery or looking a little further down the line to university, Headingley is the home of impressive education establishments. With over 10 primary schools within a 1 mile radius and a number of secondary schools all easily accessible, families are not short of options when it comes to schools in the area. Furthermore, with Leeds Becketts University in the heart of Headingley there is plenty of opportunity for further education for all ages.


Despite its close proximity to Leeds city centre, for the most part the cost of living in Headingley is cheaper than that of the city centre. This includes rental prices, making it a great place for those still looking to live in a lively suburb but wanting to save money.

Access to Outdoor Space

Although Headingley is very much a vibrant city centre suburb, on the other hand it is only a short distance away from numerous picturesque parks and recreational spaces. With Beckett Park, Meanwood Beck and Hyde park just minutes away, if you want an escape from city life, Headingley can give you just that.

From amenities to atmosphere the list of reasons to live in Headingley is endless, why not take a look at our full Headingley Area Guide. Or if you’re already convinced and ready to make the move, take a look at what is currently on the market in Headingley or contact our local Headingley branch!