Memories of Crossgates

Take a look at these iconic Crossgates photos from the archive, Crossgates has many historic buildings that have lasted throughout the years and many more to discover.

Manning Stainton

Crossgates Library

The Library was built in 1939 and named the Percival Leigh Library after a former Lord Mayor. It was opened on the 14th of December by the Earl of Harewood. On opening the library there was a stock of over 23,000 books and was one of the largest libraries in the area. During building the library the second world war had begun in September of 1939 and the opening ceremony went ahead in December.This building is still standing today and has not changed much.

One of the first vehicles in Crossgates

This picture is from 1915 showing the delivery van or Ralph Horsfall, he was a dairyman who lived on 6 Marshall street. This is noted to be one of the first motor vehicles in Crossgates! As you can see as well as providing milk he also sold the local game from this van.

Austhorpe Road

This picture was taken on the 30th of June in 1980, it shows shops on Austhorphe Road showing from the left number 8, 6 and 2. On the corner, National Westminster Bank can be seen just before the corner to station road. As you can see the row is still there today and NatWest has taken over the spot of Westminster Bank.With special thanks to Leodis as without we would not be able to give you are historic content of Leeds.