Fitness Classes in Beeston

We might be entering the winter months, the prime time to gain that extra layer to save on the heating, but for many, winter is simply the preparation months for summer. Get fit now to avoid the 2 weeks of kale smoothies in the mad dash for a last minute summer bod. So don’t wait to be a January cliché, Beeston is a hub for gyms and fitness classes. You don’t have to spend hundreds a year to get fit, from community fitness classes to well-priced gyms, Beeston has it all, here are just a few we think you should try.

Manning Stainton

Beeston Fitness

Beeston Fitness is a community based fitness group. Beeston Fitness aims to get everyone in the family involved and offer fun, friendly fitness classes. Dance away your worries and calories in Zumba, tone up in Bums, Tums and Thighs or focus the mind in Dynamic Yoga Flow alongside much more. Locations vary across the Beeston areas and prices range from £3- £7 per session. To get fit without making membership commitments try Beeston Fitness.

Zumba at the Hamara Centre

Want to a full body workout that burns 600-1000 calories per session? Gone are the days of spending hours on the treadmill - Zumba is here. Zumba is the perfect blend of dance and fitness. With music from varying genres including Salsa and Regaeton the minutes will fly by. Head to the Hamara Centre on Tempest Road every Monday and Wednesday from 7-8pm to join the other dancers at Zumba and what’s more, you don’t even have to have rhythm to burn the calories…

Monty's School of Kickboxing

Had a bad day at work or found yourself in a fitness rut, there is no better workout to burn and built energy and adrenaline than kickboxing. Kickboxing has many beneficial factors, from reducing stress, to improving coordination and burning mega calories. Monty’s School of Kickboxing is held in Beeston Parish Hall every Monday from 6pm to 7pm for juniors and 7pm to 8:30pm for seniors. At £5 per session for juniors and £7 per session for seniors you pay as you train with no monthly payments or pressures!

John Charles Centre For Sport

The John Charles Centre For Sport is a council run facility with a difference. The huge centre for sport has a range of facilities open to the public. From third generation astro pitches, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, 50m swimming pool and much more, there is no excuse to not get fit at the John Charles Centre. Prices for pitch hire and gym access vary and memberships are available alongside pay as you go access.

PureGym Hunslet

Looking for a gym to fit around your busy lifestyle but don’t want to pay a fortune every month? PureGym in Hunslet is open 24/7 so you can work out whenever suits you! The gym offers a range of group fitness classes daily, alongside the option for 1 to 1 coaching. For £15.99 a month you can gain full access to the gym there is no contract tying you down or you can pay as you gym with the PureGym day passes. So if you’re letting the fear of lengthy memberships put you off joining a gym, PureGym in Hunslet is the perfect answer!Don’t wait until summer to get active, if you’re looking to move to Beeston you won’t be short of places to fit in your workouts with the fantastic sporting facilities on offer in the area.Manning Stainton Beeston | 293 Beeston Rd, Leeds LS11 7HX | Tel: 0113 270 7700 |