Top 10 Places to Live in Wakefield

Wakefield has so much to offer in terms of location, amenities and education. Whether you’re looking to be near the busy city, situated on a convenient commuter route or simply away from the crowds to enjoy quiet village life, Wakefield has something for everyone. Based on location, house prices, school catchment areas and community, we’ve put together our top 10 places to live in Wakefield. If you would like to find out a little more about the areas of Wakefield or see what is currently on the Market, please contact our Manning Stainton Wakefield Branch.

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1. Walton

The small village of Walton is situated just 3.5 miles south-east of Wakefield. Like many villages of Wakefield, Walton has a lot of history behind it. Walton Hall was once home to Charles Waterton, an explorer, who in the 1820s transformed the Walton Hall Estate into the world’s first nature reserve. Today the Hall is known as Waterton Park Hotel, a popular spot for golfers, spa-goers and Bridal parties. It’s not just Waltons history that gives it the number 1 spot on our list, the community feeling within Walton is something to be admired. The community hosts annual events such as Walton Gala and Art festivals. In terms of liveability, Walton is home to Walton Primary School, rated Good in recent Ofsted reports, bringing families to the area. The local charm of Walton, alongside its close proximity to the amenities of Wakefield, is what tips Walton to the top spot.

Average house price: £259,398

2. Outwood

The once old pit village of Outwood has seen a flurry of new home developments in the area creating a neighbourhood worthy of a spot in Wakefields top locations. Centred on the A61 Outwood transports links are a large contributing factor to its high ranking. With its own train station connecting residents to Leeds, Wakefield, Doncaster and Sheffield it’s easy to see the appeal for commuters and families. In terms of education, Outwood is home to Outwood Grange Academy; one of the largest secondary schools in the UK catering to 2100 students, alongside Outwood Primary Academy and Rooks Nest Academy, making it easy to see why so many families call Outwood home, and why we think its deserving of one of Wakefield’s Top Spots.

Average house price:  £187,991

3. Stanley

Looking north-east of Wakefield city centre you’ll find the village of Stanley. Just 2.5 Miles from the city centre, location is everything. Whilst Stanley is considered a village, the actual size rivals that of Wakefield City. Stanley is considered the village centre to neighbouring areas such as the Grove, Stanley Ferry, Lee Moor and Lanes Ends. A village centre wouldn’t be a village centre without an array of local pubs and amenities to cater to its local residents and Stanley has just that! For the families of Stanley, there is a selection of schools both primary and secondary. Whilst the community feel of the area is shown through the many successful sporting teams in Stanley including The Stanley Falcons & Stanley Rangers who regularly gather a good crowd! Stanleys sheer size and vast range of amenities for somewhere considered a village is what tips them towards the top of the list!

Average house price: £171,376

4. Lofthouse

Sitting between Leeds and Wakefield is Lofthouse. Whilst the village comes under the Ardsley and Robin Hood ward of the Leeds City council, Lofthouse is a part of the Wakefield postcode. Despite the confusion, this fact is what makes Lofthouse a true contender in Wakefields top locations. The convenient distance between Leeds and Wakefield immediately creates an attraction to commuters of either city! Great connections to the M62 and the M1 also suit those who work a little further afield. However, the village itself allows commuters to escape the city life, with its own doctors' surgery, library, church, small array of shops and Rodillian Academy secondary school it’s easy to see why Lofthouse is a popular spot with families, commuters and everyone in between.

Average house price: £195,221

5. Alverthorpe

Just 1.5 miles north-west of Wakefield, in the valley of Alverthorpe Beck, is Alverthorpe. Surrounded by the meadowland of the Local Nature Reserve, Alverthorpe certainly has a scenic backdrop. Alverthorpe offers quick links to the M1 motorway and a short commute to both Batley and Dewsbury that offer a larger array of amenities in addition to those of the village. Alverthorpes surroundings and convenient location are what give Alverthorpe one of the Top spots, that’s not to mentions its appeal to families with its own local primary school.

Average house price: £157,123

6. Kirkhamgate

Kirkhamgate is situated in the north-west of Wakefield, the village falls under part of the Rhubarb triangle, giving the majority of its surroundings to farmland creating a picturesque view for many of its residents. With Outwood primary school within close proximity and an array of other local schools in surrounding areas, Kirkhamgate is a popular spot with families. If you needed any more convincing of Kirkhamgate’s community and rural feel, it holds an annual Scarecrow Festival every year that the community all get behind! Kirkhamgate is also recognised for its low crime rate another contributing factor helping it onto Wakefield top list!

Average house price: £280,839

7. Ryhill

A little further out at 7 miles south-east of the city of Wakefield the small village of Ryhill has benefited from new housing developments in recent years,  making it a popular spot with commuters to the nearby city and towns. Ryhill Junior, Infant and Nursery school encourages families to the area, whilst the village feel offers a sense of calm away from the busy nearby city helping confirms Ryhills spot on the top list!

Average house price: £114,586

8. Horbury

Situated in the city of Wakefield is the ever popular town of Horbury. Since its early industrial days, the town is now predominantly residential and retail making it’s a popular spot the Wakefield locals and those moving to the area. Horbury is home to a long list of bars and restaurants alongside both primary and secondary schools to cater to its growing population. Despite being a larger size than its neighbours Horbury has a low recorded crime rate. In terms of transport and location, Horbury has a network of local buses connecting it to Wakefield, Ossett and Huddersfield, and with the M1 on its doorstep, it’s easy to see why Horbury ranks highly in Wakefield!

Average house price: £189,828

9. Crigglestone

Just 4 miles south-west of Wakefield, the village of Crigglestone is rated highly amongst its neighbours and residents for a variety of reasons. Starting with location, Crigglestones proximity to motorway networks allows easy access for commuters, whilst the efficient bus routes offer easy access to local amenities. Crigglestone is also recognised for the good schools in the area and low crime rate, securing its place on the top list.

Average house price:  £205,807

10. Crofton

6 miles west of Pontefract and 4 miles south-east of the City of Wakefield, is the village of Crofton. Often seen as a commuter village due to its easy access to both Leeds and Wakefield, the village itself offer attractive qualities in the form of several pubs, fish and chips shops, post offices and other much-needed amenities. Much like Stanley, Crofton prides itself on its much-loved sports teams including the Crofton Cougars. Crofton Academy Secondary School caters to 1200 students and is rated Outstanding by Ofsted, making it a popular spot with families and edging its way onto Wakefield top 10 list!

Average house price: £193,435

*Average house prices are calculated based on Rightmove data and are subject to change*

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