Benefits of Buying a New Build

Have you thought about buying a new build home? With many new developments popping up across the country we thought we’d take a look just a few of the benefits to buying a new build.

Manning Stainton

High Specification


New builds today are built with the buyer in mind this means many of them have the latest technologies and high specifications making sure you are set for years to come. Many new build properties are built to be more energy efficient so could reduce your utility bills and added bonus!

Opportunity For Personalisation


The opportunity to personalise is a feature that attracts many people to buying a new build. Some developers give the chance to make adaptations and selections in terms of applications and décor, to make your house the perfect home for you.  Most new builds are initially decorated in neutral tones to appeal to a range of residents however once the property is yours, the neutral tones make for the perfect blank canvas to make the house your own.

Smoother Process


When you’re buying a new build there is no upward chain to contend with, meaning the process often runs more smoothly and there isn’t a lengthy wait between you putting an offer in and the vendor finding a property. It also reduces the risk of the sale falling through due to variables out of your control.

Schemes Available


When buying a new build there are schemes available to help with the costs including the Help to Buy Equity Loan. The Help To Buy Equity Loan is a loan from the government which you can combine with a deposit and mortgage when buying your new build home. For full details on the Help to Buy Scheme take a look at our ‘Everything You Need To Know’ article.

No Work Required


Aside to minor decorative changes, new builds require little to no work meaning you can move in straight away! The only work you’ll have is the dreaded unpacking…

There are plenty of benefits to buying a new home, if you’d like to see all our developments currently on the market see here or contact us today on 0113 393 3499.