Lettings - The Success of Video Viewings

2020 has seen a huge shift in the way we operate in our day to day lives, one of many changes is the way in which we view properties. When the country went into lock down people needed places to live more than ever before, although traditional viewings could not take place, we encouraged our landlords to partake in video viewings, which have proved to be beneficial for both Landlords and Tenants.

Manning Stainton

Quality Applications


Although restrictions have been eased slightly allowing the property market to operate, we are still advising applicants to view properties via video link prior to arranging face to face viewings. John Sheader Lettings Manager at our Moortown branch spoke of the benefits of doing so ‘Video tours are making a big difference; we are finding more applications of better quality are coming through. Most people are pretty set on the property before they even attend to view.’

Benefits for Landlords


Although this is a different process to what many Landlords are used to, there has been an overall positive response, John also commented that ‘Landlords are pretty on board with this, they like that is narrowed down in the first instance and makes their decision easier. It also means we’re not telling them they have 10 viewings and then nothing comes from it!’  As we continue to recommend video viewings prior to face to face viewings we have seen over 50% of all viewings turning into applications.

Benefits for the Prospective Tenants


Pictures are one thing; however videos really allow prospective tenants to take the tour around the property making it easier to gage property size and feel. What’s more, having video viewings gives tenants a chance to narrow down their preferences and rule out any unsuitable properties before even stepping foot in it.

Overall Success


Within the first two weeks of reopening on the 13th May, our lettings department had well over 100 applications, with 45 properties under offer, 45 applications agreed and over 96 properties with video viewings.

There are many benefits of video viewings for both Landlords and Tenants but the overriding value is the increased safety of all parties. Reducing face to face viewings where possible will ensure the safety of all those involved and if you do view the property in person after the video tour you can be assured the correct PPE and social distancing procedures are in place. 

As we continue to operate under new circumstances, we look forward to expanding on the initial success of videos viewings within the lettings sector and will keep you posted as we implement new changes and work to new restrictions.

Top Top: Quality videos really can make all the difference and make it far easier for tenants to view your property during these unusual times. If you want any advice or information on how to add a Video tour to your property please don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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