Top 10 Most Affordable Places in Leeds for First Time Buyers

Getting on the property ladder can be one of the most challenging things a person will ever do. Saving that all-important deposit is hard, especially when you’re renting. But fear not, there are lots of areas in Leeds which are perfect for First Time Buyers and with the right plan in place, saving a deposit shouldn’t be out of the question.

In this article, we’re digging into the data and looking at the areas of Leeds which are the most affordable for First Time Buyers. We’ve established the following list by looking at the average price of two-to-three bedroom homes (the most common type of property bought by First-Time Buyers in Leeds.) From there, we’ve taken the average mortgage deposit required in the region to establish which areas are the most affordable.

By sharing this roundup, we hope it’ll help you consider your options and help you widen your search if you’re a First-Time Buyer.

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1. LS9 – Osmondthorpe


Found in East Leeds and considered part of Halton Moor, Osmondthorpe is just two miles from the city centre. It’s a popular location for people who work in the city and with an abundance of amenities within walking distance; it’s a great location for First-Time Buyers.

2. LS11 – Holbeck, Beeston


Being subject to significant investment recently, and with big things on the horizon, Holbeck and Beeston are other areas which are an easy commute to the city centre. With the average deposit required standing at just over £12,000, First-Time Buyers are increasingly looking to the area to achieve their first step onto the property ladder.

3. LS10 – Hunslet, Belle Isle, Middleton


Found in South Leeds, and just a mile away from the city centre, the LS10 area is predominantly dominated by Hunslet. An area with rich amenities, a varying selection of house styles, Hunslet is also benefitting from the economic success of the city in a big way, and we can see big investments coming to the area in the near future.

4. LS12 – Armley, Wortley


Yet another area of Leeds which experts are predicting sharp rises in investment, Wortley and Armley offer First-Time Buyers all they could wish for when it comes to amenities. Just 1 mile from Leeds City Centre, it’s an obvious choice for people who’re looking for an easy commute to the centre of Leeds and the vibrant city centre lifestyle.
As well as having a vibrant local community, the area is also being dubbed as one to watch when it comes to infrastructure investment and the inevitable house price rises which come with it.

5. LS14 – Seacroft


Offering a range of property types to suit various budgets, Seacroft is an outer-city suburb roughly 4 miles from Leeds City Centre. It’s got a rich history, and the available house styles reflect this. It’s another great choice for those looking for a good first investment.

6. LS13 - Bramley


Famous for being the birthplace of Ernie Wise, Major John Geoffrey Appleyard and Robert Haywood Jones (David Bowie's Grandfather,) Bramley is a diverse area with lots on offer. With a strong sense of community, Bramley includes various parks, swimming bath and a multitude of amenities. It also has a shopping centre and a number of pubs.

7. LS3. City Centre

Hyde Park

LS3 are well established as one of the most popular areas of Leeds for young professionals. With an average deposit requirement of £17,775, it offers a wealth of amenities and is positioned close to the city centre – even having its own train station with regular links to the city centre.
The area is characterised by red brick Victorian terraced homes, which remain some of the most affordable properties in the region and offers an unparalleled opportunity for First Time Buyers.

8. LS27 – Morley, Churwell


Morley has long been one of the most vibrant community’s in Leeds. With its own unique identity, it’s a short distance from the city centre and is becoming increasingly popular with First-Time Buyers looking for somewhere with a good sense of community, ample amenities and some beautiful parks.

9. WF3 – Robin Hood, Tingley, Lofthouse


The WF3 area of Leeds includes Robin Hood, Tingley and Lofthouse. Each of the areas is unique in its own right. Here, you’re just a stone’s throw from some of the best countrysides in the area.
With transport links allowing for easy access to nearby cities and towns, it’s a wonderful location for young professionals who might work in Leeds City Centre but would like to be away from the bustle of the City Centre.

10. LS2 – Leeds City Centre


Who can deny that Leeds is going from strength to strength? With Channel 4 pitching up home here in the next few years, more and more businesses are choosing Leeds, bringing investment and confidence in the region. That’s why it’s remarkable that the LS2 area of Leeds City Centre is still amongst the most affordable in the region. In the coming years - we’re expecting that to change.

But for the time being this area of the city has an average deposit requirement of just under £20,000, making it a superb choice for First Time Buyers who’re craving a city lifestyle.

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