Do You Remember When Leeds Looked Like This?

Let's take a trip down memory lane. Leeds has definitely changed a lot over the years! Can you recognise these local landmarks?

Manning Stainton

Park Row, Leeds

Park Row is an important part of the city these days; home to both financial and retail districts. In years gone by, Park Row was become the first place in Britain to have permanent traffic lights installed!  Look how much it's changed over the years...


University of Leeds, Great Hall

The Great Hall of The University of Leeds is a central point of the university. The Grade 2 listed building is often used for more formal occasions such as graduations. The red brick you see the building made from was used as an association to the 'Red Brick Universities.' Although The University of Leeds has many modern elements to it these days , The Great Hall still remains a key feature with a lot of history.


Leeds City South Station

Leeds got its first railway station in 1834. Since then there has been numerous stations and lines added around the city. Nowadays Leeds Train Station is deemed the third busiest station outside London. Recent expansion has been in progress to allow for the increasing demand. Take a look at who Leeds City South Station used to look...


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