Commuter Towns in Leeds

We spend the majority of our time at work, so we don’t want to spend the remainder of that time sitting in traffic. Whilst living in a city centre is appealing for a few years, most people tire of the hustle and bustle and want to move a little further out, to get some well-deserved city respite. We’ve taken a look at some of the best spots to live to suit your commute, based on transport links and what the area has to offer.

Manning Stainton

1. Short & Sweet - Kirkstall & Burley


If you’re not quite ready to break the 3-mile radius just yet, Kirkstall and Burley are the perfect duo. Burley is a short 1.6 miles to centre and Kirkstall is ever so slightly further at 2.7 miles. On an average day from either location, if you choose to drive, your commute should take you no longer than 11 minutes give or take. However, if you want to avoid the city centre parking charges both Kirkstall and Burley have their own train stations, again getting you into the city in under 10 minutes. Regular buses are also a welcomed mode of transport in the area. The areas themselves have a range of amenities from shops, bar and retail parks, almost as lively as the city itself but far enough away to take a welcomed break. A commute so short if you blink you’ll miss it...
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2. A Little Furthur Afield - Horsforth


Stretching a little further than Kirkstall at just over 5 miles, Horsforth is a great town for those who still want access to a good list of amenities and an average priced Uber but want to keep the city at arm’s length. Featured at the number 1 spot in our Top 15 Best Places to Live in Leeds Horsforth's commutability only adds to its appeal. With the Horsforth train station transporting you to Leeds City Centre in around 20 minutes, that’s just enough time for a short chapter of your book or 1/3 of last night’s Love Island depending on your preference… If you prefer breakfast radio in your car, an average journey should take you 22 minutes and bus routes run regularly from multiples locations in Horsforth. With many schools, shops, cafes and parks, Horsforth has just the right amount of buzz for those escaping the city on an evening.
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3. The Great Escape - Guiseley & Menston


If when the clock hits 5, you want to escape out of the city as far as possible, without feeling it too much in the mornings, Guiseley and Menston are the perfect spots for you.  9.3 miles out of the city is Guiseley, whilst neighbour Menston is 10.8miles, both of which have their own train stations offering a direct commute to the city in less than 25 minutes. Whilst your Uber might cost you a little more, if you choose to drive 35-40 minutes should cover it. Both Guiseley and Menston have an extensive range of amenities and their close proximity to the countryside makes them a great spot for the commuter looking to escape city life.
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