The Best Burgers In Leeds

Leeds is home to some of the best (and biggest) burgers in the business, whether you fancy a simple cheeseburger, or a patty stacked with mac ‘n’ cheese and everything else you never realised you needed in a burger, these Leeds based burger joints have the answer to it all! When you’re so spoilt for choice we know it can be hard to choose where to get your burger fix. With a lot at steak we’ve whittled it down to the best of the best, so next time you craving a juicy patty head to one of these Leeds burger havens. 

Manning Stainton

1. Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Almost Famous is a burger phenomenon, with huge burgers filled with everything the heart (and taste buds) could desire. The Awesome HQ one of the biggest of them all- a mountain of chicken, beef and halloumi topped with their baconbacon mayo! If you prefer mushrooms over meat the Alicia Silverstone is a giant burger of Portobello mushrooms, halloumi and a whole lot more finished with their famous sauce! If you can find room, try one of their mega sizes- we recommend the Pig & Waffle fries!

2. Five Guys

Five Guys

Upgrade your takeaway of choice and get yourself to five guys. It took Five Guys a few years to travel across the Atlantic from the USA, but now it’s arrived we’re sure it’s here to stay. The first choice you’ll have to make is whether to go for a single or double patty, but the choice of toppings is where the real decision making begins! With 15 tasty toppings to choose from you won’t be short of choice. If you can’t choose don’t worry you can try them all…

3. Patty Smiths

Patty Smiths

If you’ve been to Belgrave you’ll be appreciative of their late night canteen, serving pizza and their ever famous Patty Smiths burgers. Starting as temporary residency 2 years ago, popularity won and Patty Smiths became a permanent occupant at Belgrave -much to our delight! Their standard Dirty Burger is a must, stuffed with all the firm favourites from pickles to chipotle mayo. But if you’re feeling a little more adventurous double up and go for the Big Ron! Don’t fear vegetarians the Leafeater burger has your name written all over it!  A mix of spiced beetroot with a fennel and cannellini bean burger served with a variety of veggie toppings!

4. Harlies


Harlies is the all American diner with a modern twist! If you want variety Harlies is the place for you! With a menu as long as your arm you can choose anything from classic beef, chicken, fish or even vegetarian favourites. We recommend you go with one of the Harlie specials. Open til 5am on a Friday and Saturday why not make a visit post night out and try the ‘The Breakfast One’ to get you kick started for the next day; A delicious stack of beef patty topped with turkey bacon, hash browns, friend egg and ketchup! If you need something to wash it down with, try their Unicorn Day Dream milkshake; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

5. MEATliquor


Somewhere with Meat in the name is guaranteed to provide a good burger and MEATliquor in Trinity does just that! Offering everything from a standard cheeseburger made from the finest beef, to a burger with a twist like the Chicken Parma Burger; fried chicken fillet with serrano ham, melted mozzarella and marinara sauce! Their long list of sides and sauces make it impossible not satisfy even the fussiest of eaters!

So we’ve given you our Top 5 but the only way you’ll decide on your favourite is through researching for yourself. We suggest starting from the top and working your way down one patty at a time...

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