How to Make Your House Appeal To Buyers

Every buyer is looking for something different, whether it be a 2 bedroom semi, 5 bedroom detached or a studio flat in the city centre. However, there is a list of wishes that many buyers have in common. From speaking to our branch managers and taking a look at industry research we've devised our top 10 list of desirable factors that modern-day buyers are looking for in their property search.

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1. Quality Kitchen


 A kitchen has become more than somewhere just for cooking, in today’s society a kitchen is often a communal or hosting area, as a result, a quality kitchen ranks highly on the buyers wish list. Buyers are looking for modern fittings and design or as a minimum a space that has the potential to be made into the perfect kitchen for modern living.

2. Open Plan Living Space


Following on from the liveable kitchen, many buyers are looking for a social living environment with open plan being a must-have for many. Whether it be open plan kitchen, dining, living room or conservatory, an open plan space gives the illusion of larger square footage and creates an environment perfect for family life.

3. Number of Bathrooms


If a buyer is looking for a 4 bedroom house, in most cases 1 bathroom will not suffice. Many buyers look for multiple bathrooms or WC’s and an en suite in the master bedroom is a great addition. Much like the kitchen, quality within the bathrooms is essential for buyers, with an extra emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene.

4. Bedroom space


When a buyer is looking for a 2 bedroom home that is what they expect. They will not be expecting a secret third bedroom not disclosed on the floor plan. However, utilisation of the existing bedrooms is essential for buyers when evaluating the potential of a home. For example, if a box room is used to its full potential, with minimal clutter, this will maximise the perceived space and could make the difference in converting a viewer to a buyer.

5. Garden


A garden can be a real game changer. Many buyers view properties based on this factor alone, even the smallest of outdoor space is considered a garden and adds value to both the buyer and the seller. Buyers looking for a family home are often looking for some child-friendly outdoor space in the form of a private garden, ranking it high on their list of preferences.

6. Location


You know what they say- location is key and is definitely a priority for many buyers. However, every buyer's preference is different, prime location can be judged on school catchment areas, distance to local amenities or property privacy. Wherever the buyer deems as the perfect location, it can be assured it will feature highly on their property search check list.

7. Garage


The uses of a garage can vary from person to person, however, the addition of a garage to any property is a definite plus. A garage offers the potential for conversion or storage, both of which are beneficial to any buyer.

8. Natural Light


One of the biggest turn offs for a buyer is a dingy room. Natural light immediately changes the look and appearance of a room. Even if natural light is in short supply due to room positioning, a well-decorated room, staying away from dark colours, is instantly more attractive to potential buyers.

9. Laundry Room


One of the more recent additions to a buyer’s wish list is a laundry room. A utility or laundry room for washing machines and dryers frees up space in other rooms such as the kitchen, leaving it looking more spacious and somewhat tidier. For this reason, laundry rooms have crept onto the buyers top 10 and after all, nobody wants to air their dirty laundry for all to see.

10. Storage


Storage can come in many shapes and sizes, whether it’s a cupboard under the stairs, a pantry or a hidden cloakroom. In a world where we all have too much stuff that we love to hoard, good storage space is crucial to any buyer.

There you have it, whilst this wish list may vary from buyer to buyer, if you are looking to sell your property, take a look at these factors and see if any improvements can be made to your property to make sure it coincides with the buyers’ must-haves!

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