How To Make Sure Your Home Makes The Best First Impression

Think back to walking into someone’s house for the first time, think of all the things you instantly notice - good and bad! When people are viewing houses they are looking with a critical eye and a first impression could be the lasting one. Whether you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, or just want to make a great lasting impression on all of your visitors, here are our top 5 tips on how to make sure your home makes the best first impression.

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1. Smell

Air freshener

Your house must appeal to all the senses; reports by House Beautiful suggest that the smell of your home is the first thing people notice. Adding diffusers or air fresheners will keep your home smelling fresh and try opening your windows before each viewing. Avoid cooking anything with a strong smell right before a viewing it might have been a nice dinner but you can never be sure on peoples tastes!

2. Clean and Tidy

Tidy Kitchen

It goes without saying that people are instantly more attracted to houses that are clean and tidy. Tidy homes not only make it easier for the potential buyer to envision themselves in your home but tidy room also appear lighter and more spacious.

3. Work on Your Entrance

Open white door

Did you know it takes someone only 38 seconds to make an initial judgement on a house? So as the saying goes, you need to make an entrance. We’re not suggesting you roll out the red carpet, but making sure your driveway is clear and your hallway is tidy will help create that all important good first impression.

4. Brighten Up Your Property

Grey sofa wirh blue cushions

A well lit room can be the difference between a space looking small and dingy or light and spacious. Especially if people are viewing your property on an evening, making sure your rooms are well lit is key. Turning on your lamps will really create a nice homely feel. If your viewings are during the day, make sure all curtains are drawn to show your property in the best light.

5. Add Those Finishing Touches

room filled with house plants

Imagine yourself as the buyer, most often buyers are looking to purchase a home for them to live in. Adding a few touches such a flowers or candles gives off a homely vibe and will allow the buyer to imagine themselves in the property more easily and could potentially be the difference between making an offer or not.

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