Bathroom Renovation Tips

Looking to tear out those dated tiles and that blue bidday? A fresh bathroom can totally transform the feel of your home. Whether you’ve got money to spare for a full new suite or you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom on a budget, take a look at our hints and tips for renovating your bathroom.

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Sketch It Out


First thing’s first,  before you even begin to think about buying go back to basics, get out your tape measure and put pen to paper. Drawing a floor plan of your bathroom is the simplest way to make the most of the space you before you bring your vision to life. 

Create Your Vision


Talking of visions, Pinterest is a great place to take inspiration from, creating mood boards give you more of a clear idea of the look you want to create. If you want to go a little more old school take a look at magazines for inspiration

Stick To Your Guns

Bathroom floorplan

Once the design is finalised don’t change it. Unless there is an obvious fault in your design plan, stick to your guns and go with your gut. Show your plan to your electrician, tiler and plumber when it’s in its early stages. They will be able to show you the areas that need to change before your plan is set in stone.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Stick with the same style baths, showers and sinks and mix and match from various suppliers, to get the best prices. This will help keep costs low and no one will know unless the styles differ largely. If you’re in love with a bath from one supplier but their basic sinks are too expensive, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

Barter For Your Bath


Don’t be afraid to haggle. Even big high street retailers can be negotiable on prices.

The Essentials


Don’t be worried about spending money on good waterproofing. Tile backboards are 100% waterproof when taped and jointed. Having proper waterproofing will save you money in the long run against leaks and water damage. 

Think about ventilation it’s all very well creating a beautiful bathroom but without proper ventilation, it’s not going to be long before you run into trouble and a potentially costly solution. So spend the money on essentials now, to avoid an even bigger expense later.

Top Trader

Trust a trader logo

Make sure you’re picking reputable tradespeople, use a website like or use tradespeople recommended by friends and family so you can see examples of their work first hand.
Beware of:
•         Traders that ask for upfront cash payments, this indicates cash flow problems or that merchant’s won’t give them credit to pay for supplies.
•         Any reputable builder should have no problem signing a simple contract with you and a third party to make sure agreed work is on schedule.

Heat It Up

Towel Radiator

Everyone loves the look of towel rail radiators but bear in mind they were designed to heat the towel and not the space. If you are looking for both, the best option would be a radiator that will give you both.


Clutter Free

Remember to think about storage, you may want that sleek minimalist look but it will soon be clogged full of your bottles and pots if you don’t include storage space.  Include storage that’s fitted into the sink or bathroom mirror, this will help keep things looking fresh.

Good luck with your home transformations and don’t forget to tag us in your before and after pictures on Instagram @manningstainton 

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