Six Common Issues To Look For In a Broken Boiler 

Do you think your boiler is on it's way out or broken completely? We are giving you six common warning signs it may be time for a new one or in need of repair! 

Manning Stainton

1. No Heat 


This may seem obvious but it needs mentioning, if the boiler isn't heating up water, this could indicate significant repairs are neccessary that only an engineer should undertake. 

2. Lazy yellow pilot light flame 


This can usually indicate that the system isn't getting enough oxygen to power the gas system and may need a clean! This can only be carried out by a professional. 

3. Boiler is making strange noises 


If your boiler has started making some strange noises there may be air in the system, or there may be a ''Kettling'' issue where limescale builds up, again, this would require a professional to come and either bleed or flush it out. 

4. Radiators aren't heating 


If your radiators are not heating up or are hot at the bottom but cold at the top, this may mean the radiator needs bleeding, or it may be something else that only a gas safe registered engineer should be called to solve. 

5. Pilot lights keep going out 


If your pilot lights keep going out, this could be a result of a broken therocpuple which is stopping the supply of gas, a built up deposit in the pilot light or a draught which keeps blowing it out, either way this is an issue and will need resolving by an engineer. 

6. Frozen condensate pipe 


The condensate pipe takes acidic water outside, and if the weather is cold, it can freeze - your boiler should present you with a fault code if this occurs. This can usually be resolved by dousing the pipe in warm water to alleciate the freezing effect. 

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