5 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween 2020

This Halloween we understand that the country has been advised to stay away from large social gatherings and trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween is cancelled! There are still so many ways we can safely celebrate and make October 31st just as special as ever. So, decorate the house, get a costume ready and enjoy some of these great activities this Halloween.

Manning Stainton

1. Go 'Ghosting'

Boy with sheet over pretening to be a ghost in the moors

Instead of going trick -or-treating this Halloween, why not go Ghosting! Over the years ghosting has become more popular during the October festive period, and it would be a great way this year to have some fun with the family and show your friends and loved ones that you are still thinking about them. Here is how it works: You create a bag or spooky container with sweet treats in and leave it on your friends or neighbour’s doorstep with a note that encourages them to join in and ghost someone else. The idea is for them to guess who has left it…so ring the doorbell and run as fast as you can and don’t get caught!

2. Have a Halloween Movie Marathon

Old fashioned Movie theatre camera with smoke coming out of the lens

Not feeling going out or you are self-isolating, a great way to still be able to indulge in your spooky side, is by having a Halloween movie Marathon. Halloween movies play a huge part in the festivities, and there really is some great classics to watch such as: ‘The Adams family’, ‘Casper’ and many more. So, why not get cosy on the sofa with the family, enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate, put one of these great movies on and relax! 

3. Bake Some Spooky Treats

Baking tray with spooky ghost biscuits , with wooden spoon by the left side of them

Why not start the festive period on an extra sweet note and cook up some spooky treats with the people in your home? Baking can be a great way to keep the kids entertained in the house this Halloween, but also a fun activity for all. From pumpkin doughnuts dipped in chocolate to spooky spider biscuits, you truly are spoilt for choice for a recipe worth making! So, unleash your inner Picasso and get creative with some of these tasty recipes!

4. Decorate Your Home

Front of a house covered in Halloween decorations such as pumpkins, ghost buckets and fairy lights

Nothing will get you more into the Halloween spirit than Decorating your own home! Designing the inside of your home for your favourite scary holiday is a great idea for this year; whether it be turning your home into the spooky haunted house, or covering the walls with all things black, orange and yellow its a great activity and easy to do. Why not get creative and make your own decorations or just take a quick trip to the nearest store. Its simple, fun and a great for all the family!

5. Have a Games Night

dark room with a chest board on the wooden oak table, next to the minute window

If you don’t fancy any of the above and are wanting more of a low-key Halloween celebration, why not play some board games, or some spooky charades and host an in-house games night! Even though this year you may not be able to have people over, game nights are great fun whether you are with your family, friends or the kids. So, get your best team together, put on some Halloween music and get in the mood for winning!

So, don't let 'Local Lockdowns' effect your fun this Halloween, keep the spooky spirit up - but more importantly keep safe!

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