5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Child Friendly

Having kids no matter how young or old, can turn your house into a playground, with endless things for the little ones to get their adventurous hands on. Here are some top tips on how to keep your kids safe whilst they explore and keep your house looking as fabulous as it did pre-children…

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Everything Can Be Storage


It’s inevitable that when you have children your belongings seem to multiply! There is no preventing it, but this doesn’t mean you have to have toy cars and teddy bears scattered all over. With so much secret storage on the market, you can hide things away to give the illusion of an organised home- even if you know the truth. Get yourself an ottoman, storage pouffe or even some hidden shelving to conceal those crayons; it’s also a great way of keeping things at arms reach!

Go Stain Free


Stains are inescapable, whether it’s someone getting creative with a felt tip, or overexcited with a drink (adults included,) you can’t always prevent it, but you can prepare for it! Stain resistant carpets are coated with a chemical finish to repel dirt or liquid and stop the dreaded settling in! So if you’re thinking of investing in some new carpets, why not go for a stain resistant finish- don’t worry they look no different to any other carpets!

Safe Accessories


However nice candles and vases look around the home, they look just as appealing to little hands! If you’re a stickler for shiny glass accessories or open flames, it goes without saying keep them out of reach. When thinking about accessories, why not go for some staple cushions, throws or books to create the look you are after, without the risk of breakage!

Add a Gate


There is no way you can have a risk free home, knives, matches and scissors are all needed in day to day life. Instead of investing in plastic cutlery and banning your home of matches, get a safety gate for rooms that could pose a risk as the little ones find their feet!

Give Them Their Own Space


The best way to keep your house child-friendly and still looking stylish is by giving them their own space to play! If you have the option, convert your spare room into a playroom or den, this will give the kids free roam and in theory keep the rest of your house looking pristine! Add some colourful walls or even let the kids channel their creative side making their own wall art! If they feel like this is their adult-free zone that’s where they’ll most likely want to play!

So there you have it, you don’t have to succumb to laminate floors and soft toy accessories when you have kids, a few simple changes can take your home to children friendly chic.

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