10 Ways to Improve Your Home on a Budget

As a First-Time buyer, you might have a tight budget when it comes to renovating your new home. Putting your own stamp on your first home is one of the best parts of owning a home and contrary to popular belief you don’t have to break the bank in the process. Although some renovations can come with a hefty price tag, with some out-of-the-box thinking and a little bit of DIY, you can totally transform the look of your home for a fraction of the price.

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1. Painting the walls 


You may think it goes without saying, but painting your walls is one of the easiest ways to give your property a totally new look. So, if the current colour scheme isn’t to your liking, giving the walls a lick of paint will instantly leave your home feeling refreshed at a small cost! When choosing a colour, white is timeless and will make your rooms feel spacious. However, it’s your home now, so why not add some personality with a pop of colour or accent wall.

2. Spruce up your kitchen


As a first time buyer, you might think it will cost thousands to remodel your kitchen. However, if you feel like your kitchen is tired and needs updating, then redesigning the current space is the perfect solution. Painting the units, a bold or neutral colour is the ultimate way to renovate, improve and rejuvenate the look of your space on a budget. Add some new cupboard handles and taps to really complete the look.

3. Improve the exterior 


First impressions count! The exterior is just as important as the interior. Renovating the exterior on a budget can be simple, cheap, and effective. Putting potted plants at the entrance of your home can make your porch appealing and inviting – not to mention they are affordable! Whilst you’re outside, why not give your front door a lick of paint, this can really change the external look of your home.

4. Add a feature wall


Adding a feature wall has become increasingly popular. It’s a great way to add a statement to your room. Try adding pallet shelving, unique wall art, or a splash of colour; to create a new and fresh feel to your home.

5. Furniture


When buying furniture for your first home, it doesn’t have to be new. Facebook marketplace and local groups are fantastic ways to find stylish furniture at a budget price. Whether it be: sofas, coffee tables, kitchen tables- you name it, you’ll find it. So, take your time to look through these pages and you’re bound to find the perfect furniture for the right price. Even if it’s not quite what you’re after, try to see the potential in old furnishing, could it be spruced up with a lick of paint and some TLC?

6. Lighting 


Improving lighting is always a good way to renovate your home. Although lighting is something we use daily without giving it much thought, there are some fantastic ways to make it a feature in your home. Adding spotlights, garden lights or floor lights has become a popular trend as it gives a stylish modern feel for little to nothing.

7. Bathroom improvements


Was the outdated bathroom a compromise on your new home? Not to worry, there are many cost-effective ways to revitalise your bathroom, which are simple to do! Start by choosing three complimenting colours to bring into your bathroom. Once you’ve chosen the colour scheme it’s time to assemble fittings, paint the walls, buy fresh towels and new mirrors, and put it together to create a modern-looking bathroom.

8. Stairs


The stairs in some properties can be first to greet you through the door, or perhaps they are open in your living room. There are many ways you can improve the look of your stairs to give them a modern look. By removing old carpet and sanding and painting the wood underneath, painting the existing banister or even replacing spindles for something with a more modern finish you can really transform a room or entrance! 

9. Panelling 


Paneling is becoming an increasingly popular trend when it comes to home renovation or improvement, and it is not overly costly to achieve. With some plywood, glue, tape measure, paint, and a good YouTube tutorial, you can transform your hallways, stairways, or bedrooms to give them a more luxurious and expensive look! 

10. Fireplace


Unless you are buying a new build, your home will likely have a fireplace in the living room, as a focal point; sprucing this area up can make all the difference to your room! Painting the existing mantelpiece and decorating it with some stylish pieces can really change your lounge, giving it a modern and fresh look! 

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