How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Nothing says a merry welcome like a Christmas wreath on your door! If you can’t find one you love in the shop, then this year is the year to make your own! Festive wreath ideas are inexpensive and extremely fun to make, they create a wonderful feel to your home whilst looking stunning! They are a great way to bring the family together and find your creative side whilst getting into the Christmas spirit.

If you like to be creative, follow these six easy steps on how to make the perfect Christmas wreath!

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What you’ll need:

  1. Spool of Florist Wire

  2. Secateurs

  3. Moss
  4. Wire Wreath Ring
  5. Foliage and Pine
  6. Ribbon
  7. Desired Decorations

Step 1 – Collect your foliage


Collecting your foliage can be done in a number of different ways. You can source it from the shop, or why not take a lovely walk in the countryside and forage for some yourself! Birch branches, holly and ivy tend to be great options for wreath making.

Step 2 – Prepare your wreath


Attach the end of the florist wire to your frame with a few twists. After, take the moss bundle and wrap it around your wreath ring clockwise, whilst wrapping the florist wire tightly around it. It’s a must to use moss as it gives depth to your wreath and provides moisture for the foliage.

Step 3 – Overlay the moss with your foliage


The next step is to create the base with the festive foliage. Bundle the foliage into groups of 2 or 3 stems, then stagger the ends so that they lay slightly below each other.  Secure the bundles to the wreath using the florist wire and repeat this step until your frame is evenly covered. Cut the florist wire and leave enough to twist the end around itself, this will secure the foliage.

Step 4 – Attach the ribbon


You will need to lift up your wreath to see where to attach the ribbon. Once you have found the shape you want, attach the ribbon by doubling it around the underneath of the foliage, be sure to leave it long enough, so it is the correct length to attach to your door.

Step 5 – Start to Make Legs for Your Decorations


Take your florist wire and cut them into long legs for your decorations (this is to attach them onto the wreath). To do this, you need to get your wire and bend it evenly in half, then add a couple of twists at a suitable point where you will attach the decoration.

Step 6 – Design and Personalise


Affix the decorations to your wreath at random by separating out the legs previously made and secure them at the back of the wreath. Repeat this step until you’re satisfied with the design. Once the wreath is finished, hang it in your desired location.

Now that the hard part is finished, why not add some left-over Christmas decorations or weave in some fairy lights to give your wreath that extra bit of wow!

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