House Vs Flat

Have you considered a buy to let property?

There is much debate surrounding whether a house or a flat is the best investment opportunity. This is why we wanted to make life easier by taking a look at the pros and cons of both, to help decide what is right for you!

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Pros House

Terrace house in Leeds

1.Houses can be an excellent investment opportunity for many reasons. Mortgage lenders see houses as slightly less of risk than flats, making financing more available. So, if you’re a landlord looking to build a portfolio rather than expand, buying a house over a flat could be a better option for you.

2.Houses are usually more popular for longer let tenancies. This is due to houses usually having more outdoor space than flats or apartments, which attracts families and people who are looking to stay longer term. Now more than ever, homes with outdoor space have become increasingly popular with tenants due to recent times.

3.Another benefit of purchasing a house for a buy to let investment, is that there is a lot more scope to add value. Unlike a flat there is opportunity to extend, convert an attic or even add a conservatory, to increase space in the property. These are all things that can increase the value and is clever to consider when buying.

Cons House

Although there are many benefits to purchasing a house for your buy to let investment, inevitability there are cons too.

1.Firstly, purchasing a house is often a bigger initial investment, for example when purchasing a house with the same number of bedrooms, living space and bathrooms as a flat, the house will often come at a slightly higher cost.

2.Another aspect to consider when buying a house is all the major maintenance responsibilities fall on your shoulders. Therefore, any unforeseen repairs may be costly to you as a landlord.

Pros Flat

Flats by Leeds city centre

Let’s move onto a flat. Flats are also a great investment, as professionals, downsizers and commuters all embrace the apartment lifestyle.

1.One of the main pros to buying an apartment or a flat, is that generally speaking they come at a lower cost than a house, making this a great way to get into a first buy to let investment.

2.As well as price, apartments and flats are still in high demand with tenants and can generate a strong rental income and the return on investment on a flat can often be higher than a house.

3.Whilst service charges apply to most flats and apartments, this can be added into the rent. If you own the apartment as a leasehold, the repairs will fall onto the freeholder unless stated otherwise in your lease. What’s more, most larger apartment buildings will have gardeners and cleaners to maintain the communal areas, meaning its one less thing you will have to consider or worry about as a landlord.

Cons Flat

1.As previously mentioned, more often than not you will have to pay service charge on a flat or apartment, this can be factored into the rent. However, it is something to consider because when the flat or apartment is empty between tenancies, it is something you will still have to pay.

2.Another thing to consider, if you are buying a flat in or around the city, parking is difficult, and permits are more than likely required. A flat with parking, may come at a high cost per month, which may be less attractive to tenants, unlike houses where many come with driveways or designated spaces. Flats do sometimes have designated parking space, but usually only one space per flat.


There are plenty of reasons why purchasing a flat or a house will be the right buy to let option for you. The rental income would vary dependant on the condition, size and location of the property. With many things to consider, ultimately it will depend on your own circumstances.

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