The Best Vegan Food in Leeds

According to the Vegan Society, the amount of vegans in the UK has quadrupled since 2014 with the trend set to continue in growth. As a result demand for meat-free food in the UK has increased by a huge 987% since 2017 and Leeds has definitely reacted to the demand! Whether you’re partaking in the popular ‘Veganuary’ or you live a strict vegan lifestyle 12 months of the year, Leeds has some fantastic vegan eateries to fuel your day. From restaurants to cafés, living a vegan lifestyle in Leeds has never been easier or tastier! In celebration of Veganuary, we’ve taken a look at some of our top picks for places to grab some vegan grub right here in Leeds.

Manning Stainton

Roots and Fruits


Defined as a Vegan Café with vegetarian options, Roots and Fruits is one of Leeds’ longest-standing vegetarian/vegan cafes, making its first mark over 20 years ago. Roots and Fruits offer an ever-changing menu of seasonal dishes keeping thing fresh, exciting and most importantly tasty! Their Jerk Jackfruit is regulars favourite, whilst there vegan treats are the perfect ending to a hearty, wholesome main. The relaxed style café showcases local artwork, serving fair-trade coffee and what’s more, if you’re a food-conscious commuter everything is available to take away.

The Grub and Grog Shop


The Grub and Grog Shop starts from scratch! From breakfast, lunch or dinner, The Grub and Grog Shop offers something for everyone. When looking at their menu you can be assured that everything is vegan unless it states otherwise; quite the role reversal compared to most menus. Located at the Sheaf Street Cafeteria, The Grub and Grog pride themselves on their creative dishes; popular with the vegans and non- vegans of Leeds.  If you’re an old English soul, start your day off right with their vegan breakfast; a delicious plate of vegetable fritters, baked beans, mushrooms, hashbrowns and toast! How could you not?  Come lunchtime, you can expect a range of vegan and taste- bud friendly sandwiches! 

Find them at: 3 Sheaf St, Leeds LS10 1HD

Friends of Food


Sometimes you just need a little bit of comfort food, right? Friends of Food certainly understand just that.  Set up by 3 graduates on a quest to deliver plant-based goodness in the shape of a burger, Fiends of food has become a go-to when looking for some vegan goodness across Leeds. Situated in the student hot spot of Hyde Park Corner, Friends of Food deliver some of the tastiest burgers in the business.  If it’s your first time, we recommend you start with ‘The Signature’; a beyond meat patty, smoked gouda cheez, house sauce, lettuce, pickles and tomato - need we say more? Still got some room? A Side of truffle fries should do the trick… Vegan or not, if you haven’t already, give these guys a go, we can almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Find them at: Park Corner, 12 Hyde, Leeds LS6 1AF



As the first all-vegan eatery Leeds, the pressure was on for Cantina to deliver delicious dishes, and they certainly succeeded! With the ethos of bringing a new take on plant-based grub, Cantinas ever-changing menu provides a mix of classic dishes all in the name of plant-based. With names as good as they taste the like of the ‘Ellen Decheddares’ burger or the ‘Piggy Azalea’ hot dog are just the start of the long list of must-tries at Cantina. With some fantastic deals on throughout the week, can you really say no to 2 mains and a bottle of wine for £22… we thought not!

Find them at: 104 Vicar Ln, Leeds LS2 7NL

Temple Coffee & Donuts


Something a little different in the form of donuts! Temple doesn’t just serve your regular coffee and donuts, think funky flavours and colourful coffees; with oat milk ofc!  Their ever-changing donut menu will be something you’ve never experienced before and DONUT fret they are all vegan-friendly!  From mojito favoured, to a donut topped with a brownie you’ll be blown away by the sheer size of these donuts. If you need something to wash it down with, their colourful coffees will be sure to brighten even the greyest of days. If you get in there quick you might be able to catch their Halloween inspired pumpkin donuts…

Find them at: 3, Burley Pl, Leeds LS4 2AR

Knaves Kitchen


100% Vegan junk food and in our humble opinion, 100% tastier!  Knaves kitchen are a vegan pop up currently residing in Oporto Bar on Call Lane, their delicious selections of burgers, fries and additional must-tries are what keep Knaves at the top of their game!  Banishing the stereotypes of plant-based food, they vow to not have a lentil or a kale leaf in sight, only ‘vegan chicken realness’! We recommend the CFC; corn flaked battered chicken goujons, Brazilian slaw, chive ranch all wrapped in a toasted flour tortilla… HOLY TOFU!

Find them at: Oporto, 33 Call Lane, Leeds LS1 7BT



Bundobust has created an admirable reputation for itself since opening its doors on Mill Hill in Leeds. Combining Craft beers and Indian street room in a relaxed atmosphere is what keeps the regulars returning to Bundobust. The menu is fully vegetarian, with a vast amount of vegan options available, and for those weekend or midweek vibes, they offer a range of every changing vegan beers, so why not make a night of it!  With communal tables adding to the atmosphere, you might even make some new friends through a passion of great food! What’s more, if you’re indecisive, all the dishes are small so you’ll have room to try a few!

Find them at: 6 Mill Hill, Leeds LS1 5DQ

Rola Wala


In the mood for Indian street food? Look no further! Rola Wala has found a home at the iconic Trinity Leeds. Street food made from scratch and with the highest quality ingredients, flavour and flair, is at the heart of what Rola Wala do. Choose from grain bowls, naan rolls and much more, with a great selection of vegan options available you won't be short of flavours whatever you choose! If you still need more convincing, Rola Wala is part of the ‘One Feeds Two ‘ movement, meaning every naan roll that is bought at one of their permanent locations provides a school meal to a child a poverty. It’s that’s not an incentive to go give them a try, we don’t know what is!

Find them at: 27 Albion St, Leeds LS1 5AT



Humpit is the one-stop hummus shop; hummus is a key feature in many vegan diets across the country and Humpit aims to give a twist to the popular dip.  Forget carrots sticks;  Humpit offer delicious mezzes with all the dipping devices your heart could desire.  If you fancy something a little different try one of their big 4; choose from a variety of hummus bowls or pitas bursting with flavoursome falafel.  Find them in the Corn Exchange or if you’re a lucky student of Leeds University, head to the union for all your hummus dreams to come true.

Find them at: Call Ln, Leeds LS1 7BR

Greenhouse Cafe


Outside of the city centre in Horsforth, Greenhouse Café has taken the suburb by storm, offering delicious plant-based food in their cosy friendly café. Whether you’re heading for lunch or brunch, choose from their colourful salad bowls and or tasty breakfast options. Wash it down with a choice or their artisan coffees, a huge selection of herbal teas or even a Kombucha (if you haven’t heard of it, try it!).   What meal is complete without a sweet treat?  Don’t panic… The Greenhouse offers a range of homemade cakes daily, from 3 tired show stoppers to gooey chocolate brownies, all 100% vegan of course! So next time you’re in the Horsforth area give costa and miss and head to the Greenhouse!

Find them at: 85e Town St, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 5BP

Gone are the days of limited options to coincide with your vegan diet, with veganism outgrowing everyone’s expectations things are only set to get better! That being said, we have to say Leeds has made a great start in terms of delivering plant-based deliciousness!

Happy World Vegan Day!

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