10 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020

It comes with no surprise that New Year’s Eve will be celebrated a lot differently this year. Instead of hosting parties and having group nights out, the majority of us will be celebrating in our own homes. But not to worry, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a festive, fun New Year’s Eve at home!

With Lockdown having a huge impact on our lives in 2020, bringing in the New Year’s seems more important than ever. This is why, at Manning Stainton we have put together 10 things that we think will help you celebrate; albeit very differently to what we’re used to. So, bring the household together, get the bottles of bubbly cracked open and be ready to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020!

Manning Stainton

1. Mixing Cocktails


New Year’s Eve is great for popping the champagne. But let’s kick up the notch on that midnight toast, by making some speciality cocktails at home. Festive Mojitos are a classic, with just a few ingredients and endless recipes online, these simple but effective cocktails would make a great New Year’s Eve drink.

2. Dress Up in Your Party Clothes

Girl dressed as a princess

Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to wear your comfies. If you normally put on your best party outfit for New Year’s Eve, then this year is no excuse! Getting dressed up will get you into the festive spirit, but more importantly give you the opportunity to take some great photos to look back on in the coming New Year.

3. Bottomless Brunch

Table filled with breakfast

If you’ve over-indulged in festive food, then why not try something different with your household and create a bottomless brunch this New Year’s Eve. Brunch is really simple but extremely tasty. Whether it’s meat on the menu, veggie dishes or even vegan, a bottomless brunch can be catered for all. So, crack open the fizz and decide, as Dean martin would say, ‘How ya like your eggs in the morning’!

4. Make a Virtual Toast with Family and Friends

Person having a glass of wine whilst on video chat with firends

Even though 2020 has been a challenging year, it’s definitely one we will never forget. So, it’s only right that we raise a toast to all the amazing people in our lives. If you can’t be with your loved ones this New Year’s Eve, then arrange a zoom call and raise a virtual glass to getting through 2020!

5. Play your favourite New Year’s Eve Music

Woman listening to music through headphones and singing along

Playing your favourite New Year’s Eve music will brighten up your day and bring good vibes into your home. To set the right mood for you and your household, create a playlist (or find one you love) with all your favourite NYE songs on, play it throughout the night and dance the new year in.

6. Have a Movie Marathon

woman watching a movie and eating popcorn

This New Year’s Eve, why not kick back and relax with a movie marathon. Staying up late watching films is also a great way to welcome 2021, especially if you’re wrapped up cosy on the sofa. Why not make the night even better by treating yourself to a nice takeaway, accompanied by a glass of your favourite drink.

7. Play Games


You can’t have a New Year’s Eve celebration without some classic game’s fun. If Scattegories hasn’t made an appearance from the cupboard in a few years, this year is a great time to get it out. If you don’t have any games at hand, not to worry, there are many apps, websites and online games to access that are fun for all the family.

8. Get Involved with a Virtual Murder Mystery

Police files, handcuffs and a knife

Are you disappointed that you’re going to miss your annual murder mystery night this New Year’s Eve? Well, this doesn’t have to be the case, as you can arrange a virtual murder mystery with your friends and family. All you need is an organiser, a good back story and some enthusiastic actors (family or friends) to make the night a success. But be careful to watch your back, as there’s a killer on the loose…

9. Celebrate Midnight

Clock and fireworks

When the clock strikes 12 and the New Year arrives, it’s a must that you celebrate. Celebrating the New Year is a great way to keep spirits high, as we hope for a healthy New Year. So, play Auld Lang Syne, grab your glass of champagne and celebrate in true style!

10. Thank the People in Your Life

Scrable pieces spelling Thankyou

Thanking people in your life could be one of the most important parts of New Year’s Eve 2020. After a year full of uncertainty and separation from our loved ones, this year it’s more important than ever to appreciate the people around us! Whether it be calling your family, or Zooming your friends, be sure to be thankful this New Year’s Eve!

Overall, the past year has been challenging for us all, but let’s welcome 2021 with open arms and enjoy some of these alternative ways to celebrate!

We wish you a healthy and Happy New Year, from us all at Manning Stainton.

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