Gardening Tips From Crossgates Arts & Flowers

Undoubtedly the most highly anticipated event in the gardening calendar, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is back. Exhibiting gardening installations from talented and innovative horticulturists hailing every corner of the globe, this year promises to be as colourful and inspiring as ever.

What’s more, this year has grabbed even more headlines, with the Duchess of Cambridge making her exhibition debut with an installation that she has co-designed.

With the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in mind, we’ve teamed up with Kirsty Lancaster, the owner of Crossgates based florist Art and Flowers to bring you some winning gardening tips to help you create a garden that’s the envy of your neighbours.

A family run business, Arts and Flowers was established by Kirsty’s parents some 46 years ago and has since become the go-to shop in the region for all things gardening. Those who’ve shopped at Arts & Flowers before will already know of Kirsty’s passion for floristry. In fact, her knowledge and consistent quality were recently recognised by Interflora, who commended her 100% satisfaction rating. So if you’re feeling inspired to head out into your garden by the nice weather – it’s a must visit!

Manning Stainton

Always ask for advice - find a good florist!


Of course, there are countless shops across where you can buy flowers and plants; however, Kirsty warns that not all florists are created equally. For those serious about creating a garden that lasts, Kirsty emphasises the importance of finding a knowledgeable florist, who can advise you on how best you achieve your desired results.

Be cautious when buying in full colour


Many aspiring gardeners will judge a flower or plant on face value. However, if you want to create a garden which is attractive beyond the summer months, taking the time to research the lifecycle of the plant will help make smart decisions. Find plants that bloom in different months to avoid being left with a sparse looking garden for 75% of the year!

Evergreen plants are good for a year-round garden


Building on the previous point, Evergreen plants can also help you achieve a garden all year round. They’ll keep their colour even in the winter months and allow you to enjoy your garden beyond summer.

Remember where you've planted


Another top tip that Kirsty is keen to emphasise, is to keep track of where you plant. Whether you use a notebook or simply from memory to keep track – Kirsty has had countless customers who’ve accidentally dug up their prize plants – mistakenly thinking they were weeds when out of season!

Avoid scrimping if you want a lasting garden


Kirsty offers another word of warning regarding the importance of where you buy your plants. As well as buying from someone who understands their trade, there are many shops which will sell flowers at a heavily discounted price. If you’re looking for an instant garden, they will do the job; however, don’t be surprised if they don’t last beyond a few months.

If you’re interested in creating a wonderful garden, make sure to pay Arts & Flowers in Crossgates a visit. What’s more, people who have a Manning Stainton Local Card can benefit from a 5% discount all year round.

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